Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Divinity Program


Harvest University’s Master of Divinity program is tailored to nurture missionaries, evangelists, and pastors to make an impact on the mission field. This four-year graduate program is rooted in profound studies of Scripture and sound theological training, empowering students to face challenges in this postmodern era. Academics is integrated with practical ministry internships to train “fishers of men” in a global context. Our program combines traditional elements of a M.Div. program in the areas of biblical, historical, systematic, and practical theology, and requires students to choose one of four specialty tracks Missionary Track; Prayer & Spirituality Track; Pastoral and Christian Education Track; Business as Mission Track) and engage in a spectrum of practical ministries according to their spiritual gifts. The Master of Divinity degree is a requirement for pastoral ordination in Olivet Assembly churches.



Master of Divinity Program Goals


In the context of Harvest’s mission, completion of the Master of Divinity program will enable students to:

  2. 1. Cultivate a close relationship with God, manifested through sincere Christian service.
  3. 2. Critically analyze biblical worldviews in comparison with other worldviews and incorporate them into personal life and ministries.
  4. 3. Evaluate moral and social issues based on scriptural and theological principles.
  5. 4. Create and communicate biblically and theologically sound expository sermons for multi-cultural congregations.
  6. 5. Develop Christ-like leadership and competence in various ministries within a global context.



Harvest University的道学硕士课程是为了培养能够在传教工场产生影响力的宣教士、传道人和牧师而量身定做的。这个四年制硕士课程基于深入的圣经研究和完备的神学训练,帮助学生面对后现代时期的挑战。结合学术与事工实践以训练具全球视野的“得人渔夫”。 本课程包含传统道学硕士课程在圣经神学、历史神学、系统神学和实践神学领域的学习,同时要求学生四个事工领域中选择一个,包括:宣教事工;祷告和辅导事工;教牧和基督徒教育事工;营商事工。学生可以根据自己的属灵恩赐参与相应事工的服侍之中。 道学硕士学位为Olivet Assembly教会按牧要求。


道学硕士课程目标 在 Harvest 的使命背景下,完成道学硕士课程将使学生能够:


1. 培养与神的亲密关系,这通过真诚的基督徒服侍体现出来。 

2. 通过与其他世界观的比较,批判性地分析圣经世界观,并将其结合在个人生活和事工中。

3. 根据圣经和神学原则评估道德和社会问题。 

4. 为多元文化的会众创造和传播符合圣经和神学的解经讲道。 

5. 在全球背景下,在各个事工中展现基督般的领导力和能力。